modern seamanship

Author(s) Austin M. Knight
Publisher D. Van Nostrand Company
Date 1912
Pages 945
Format pdf
Size 18 Mb







An excellent and successful attempt was made by the author of this rare and classic title to cover a very broad field than covered by any other existing work on seamanship. The other treaties on seamanship written in the days when this discipline was mainly concerned with handling and fitting sailing vessels. Subject treaties will remain valuable and will never get out of date. However, one cannot deny that the steam vessels have established their claim to consider in seamanship.

The present work provides readers with huge amount of information arranged in twenty-five big chapters covering literally all important aspects of the seamanship, starting from the hull and fittings of a vessel, splicing and knotting, various mechanical appliances on board ships, handling heavy weights, tackles and blocks, compass and submarine signals, through boats, ground tackle, handling vessels in a surf, the rules of the road. steering of steam ships, anchoring, piloting and maneuvering to avoid collisions, dry-docking of ships, handling steam ships, weather and handling of torpedo ships, to towing, stranding, man overboard, rescuing the crew members of a shipwreck, and specific hints for the junior ship officers. Numerous appendices have also been provided giving some additional valuable information.

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