Multihull Seamanship

Author(s) Gavin LeSueur
Publisher Wiley Nautical
Date 1997
Pages 144
Format pdf
Size 57 Mb







This excellent publication is deservedly treated as the textbook for all mutihull sailors of today. Though there are so many books available on the market and detailing principles of general seamanship, this one differs from their all. It is rather addressing the catamarans and trimarans covering the skills that are normally required to get proper understanding of their construction and sailing.

Everyone shall agree that the seamanship cannot be a pure black-and-white sort of skill. It is a continuous evolution of the knowledge involved, a building of relevant information through the practical experience. According to the reviews, this volume is a truly perfect reference source for the sailors. It will definitely provide sailors with huge amount of useful information required to all sailing on a catamaran. The readers have found this publication very valuable and keep recommending it to others.

Any person contemplating multihull sailing shall have a look and go through the content of this volume as necessary. The list of topics covered by the author includes fifty different titles including storm sailing, sheet systems, transfers, anchoring, collisions, apparent wind, cyclones and many other important ones. There is a comprehensive glossary of multihull sailing terminology included for ready reference.

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