Munro's Navigation

Author(s) Capt. G. E. Earl, Capt. F. L. Main
Publisher James Munro & Company
Date 1973
Pages 473
Format pdf
Size 10 Mb







The present volume was released with the intention of the authors to cover the knowledge requirements for the certificate of competency. It opens with such basic topics as the courses, position lines, the Earth, relevant formulae, nautical charts, sailings, and the associated navigation tools including sextant. Then the readers will proceed to the altitudes definitions and corrections, followed by the useful information on the stereographic projection.

The Earth-Moon system and Solar system have been covered in detail. Apart from that, the attention was paid by the authors, who are two professional sea captains, to the star recognition and great circles, ex-meridians, tidal theory, stars and star identity, composite great circles, latitude by Pole Star, and many other topics – it is very important for the ship navigators to have sound understanding of the theory of the celestial navigation.

There are many exercises included for tracking the learning process, and all of them have been provided with the answers, making a book good even for studying at home. Even today, in a world of electronic navigation means, the navigators should still be familiar with the basics of the celestial navigation.

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