Nautical Astronomy and Navigation

Author(s) H. W. Jeans
Publisher Longmans, Green, Reader, and Dyer
Date 1876
Pages 494
Format pdf
Size 84 Mb







This is definitely one of the oldest, if not the oldest, publication available here. A pure classics published in 1876 and a treasure for the collectors of the old marine books. The book was written by the prominent marine navigator of the past times. This is the third edition of the book in which he adapted the navigational rules to the navigation tables which were in use at the time of the publishing, and also addressed the other tables, such as the Norie's Nautical Tables.

This was done to assist students in working out numerous examples that have been included in this volume - such approach let them avoid any difficulties. The arrangement of the material applied in this book is pretty much standard for all marine navigation books. The volume opens with the sections explaining the basic definitions and Mercator’s Chart as this information is considered essential prior to proceeding to the main content.

Such important topics as trigonometrical ratios, correction of courses, proper use of the compass, finding courses and distances by nautical chart, fundamental formulas of marine navigation, and so many others have all been covered in detail. The topics are explained in a very understandable way. As we mentioned above, there are many examples included to facilitate better and easier understanding of the material.

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