Nautical Watchkeeping

Author(s) Capt. H. Subramaniam
Publisher Vijaya Publications
Date 2006
Pages 294
Format pdf
Size 5 Mb







The watchkeeping both in port and at sea is considered the fundamental duty of any deck officer who normally receive a mandatory training related to the watchkeeping starting from their very first day on board. However, this training shall be supplemented by the learning and valuable advice received from the senior officers. There used to be no text covering the responsibilities and duties of the watchkeeping officers until the relevant resolution was released by IMO.

The IMO guidelines, in turn, were of quite general nature and as such could not be treated as completely covering all required details. The author of the present publication took into consideration the significant role played by the formal education and understood the need for the volume duly specifying all the aspects of the nautical watchkeeping.

The content of this well arranged publication addresses all important topics. The text reflects the huge practical experience of the author. The modern seamanship is one of the areas where the changes happen very frequently, this would include different vessels and people of different nationalities working on them, different shipboard equipment and applicable legislation etc.

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