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Another excellent documentary video for the persons with deep interest in the navy fleet and wars at sea. The content of this historical video is tracing the process of the rise of Soviet Union's seapower. The whole period from the Czar's Imperial Navy to 1960 was covered in this film. People who like the naval history will of course wish to watch this film.

The authors have tried to highlight all interesting and important periods of the naval history; they have also dealt with the confrontation of two great navies - USSR and USA at the time of the so-called Cold War. While this matter has been already covered in many books and videos, we still recommend all naval history enthusiasts to spend an hour watching this film and guarantee they will not get disappointed with the content.

There is a wealth of interesting facts and information about the real happenings in the naval history. Since the navy fleet of the Soviet Union was considered extremely powerful, it used to play significant role...

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For almost two hundred years the ship of the line was the dominant fighting machine on the seas. That is why they always attract the attention of everyone interested in the naval history. This video presents an examination of the legendary flagship with the name directly associated with the famous Lord Nelson - HMS Victory.

Note that we have a very interesting publication dedicated to HMS Victory, it belongs to the Anatomy of the Ship series. HMS Victory was launched in 1765 and decommissioned in 1872, after so many years of the brilliant and victorious service, best known for the major role played in the famous and epic Battle of Trafalgar.

She used to be armed with more than hundred guns arranged in the way allowing firing in any direction, and presented really fantastic devastating force for the opponents. We would recommend this video to all enthusiasts of the naval history and battleships of the past times.

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Roaming majestically over the oceans of our planet, the modern aircraft carrier is the absolutely largest warship ever to sail the seas. Displacing over ninety thousand tons, more than one thousand feet long and over two hundred feet wide, with four armored steel decks towering above the water, a nuclear powered Nimitz class carrier can transport six thousand people on a remarkable voyage of approximately one million nautical miles at top speed that exceed forty knots.

This aircraft carrier is capable of accommodating about ninety aircrafts on the deck and is deservedly treated as one of the most complex and powerful surface ships in the whole nautical history. This video will be greatly interest to all naval warfare historians and naval architects since it reveals some secrets of the construction of the vessel and arrangements on board; in addition it addresses the living and service conditions for the crew members. Watching this film is definitely a very good way of spending one hour of you time.

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Titanic... The most famous and one of the most tragic marine catastrophes of all times. The content of this film is mainly based on actual events that lead to the disaster that eventually concluded the maiden voyage of this vessel. It draws on detailed research into the untold story of the men who built her.

Whilst most of the characters are real, some elements have been specifically created for the purposes of dramatization, note that they do not give any false details. The film is very interesting - it is provide lots of quite rare information for the people with the interest in shipbuilding as well as in the history of the greatest vessels of the past.

Obviously, the history of Titanic will present interest not only to the professionals of the shipping industry, naval architects or historians but is something to watch for everyone. There is no one in the world who has not ever heard about that famous catastrophe...

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Plus one interesting historical documentary film. It was prepared to show the history of the birth and development of the famous Viking Ships. Will be liked by everyone with a deep interest in the naval history, ships and warfare of the past, which made Vikings one of the most influential people.

The film is actually intended to trace the entire historical period of conquest marking the age of the Norsemen and their ships. Watch this film, we do recommend it since it will be enjoyable not only to the professional naval historians and researchers but even to the general audience, particularly to those who like sea and everything related to the marine adventures of the past times.

This is one of the best films covering the times of Vikings who are themselves making an integral part of the world history, remembered through the centuries for their braveness and remarkable singularity - same applies to their fleet which is something that every naval architect and enthusiasts shall be familiar with...

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This film is the opening one in the excellent and very interesting series devoted to the remarkably rich and truly fabulous History of the Royal Navy. In this part of the series, the Royal Navy ships belonging to the period 1500-1599 have been covered.

Originally produced by the History Channel in 2008, this informative educational film is really exciting and has been watched and very well met by the people interested in the naval history and warships of the past times everywhere in the world - the content of the film is exploring a really dramatic rise and decline of whole English Royal Navy fleet.

Talking about the British Royal Navy fleet, we may say say it was initially created at the time of the delivery of such famous ships as Great Harry and Mary Rose following the relevant orders of King Henry VIII... Take your time and watch this video, you will know so much more about the Royal Navy and we do guarantee that you will enjoy watching it since the film is made in a very professional manner.

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And this is just another cool and very interesting film that has been devoted to the famous pirate ships of the past times. This video belongs to the popular "The Great Ships" series and will be definitely appreciated by the people who really like the romance of sea.

We guarantee that they will get acquainted with the pirates of the past, familiarize yourself with the pirate ships and weapon which used to be on board, see how the pirates of those times used to fight etc.

Though there are so many books and films available on this topic, each particular one will provide some new information and will be interesting to the marine and naval history enthusiasts. In short, we really recommend you to watch this film when you have some free time between your work or training.

Apart from getting enjoyed with the content, note that it may make sense to try and understand the underlying reasons of the maritime piracy of the past since it may help in dealing with this problem of the modern shipping.

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The present popular video film has been dedicated to the one of the most famous and important battleships of British Navy at the times of Henry VIII, The Mary Rose. She sunk off the English coast in the Solent in the XVI century. She was then brought to the surface, restored and put in her own museum.

Historians wonder what caused the sinking of this ship, one of the most formidable battleships of the past. The film will be very liked by all people fond of the warships and naval history. The subject is truly fascinating and those people who are willing to get a clear picture of what and how actually happened centuries ago would better us several sources of information.

That is why we particularly recommend this film to be watched by the naval history enthusiasts since they will find so much of interesting facts that are quite hardly found in the literature. It is definitely worth spending one hour of your time and we promise you will not be disappointed with the content of this film.

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