Navigating in Ice

Author(s) Nigel Kitchen
Publisher Videotel
Date 2005
Pages 31
Format pdf
Size 31 Mb







Icebergs and floes are obstructing the shipping lanes; they are delaying the ship transit and creating serious hazards for the vessels and people on board. The above mentioned environmental conditions have already caused several famous maritime disasters, such as the sinking of the Titanic. Sea ice is always dangerous and treacherous.

Even though nowadays rescue operations and less risky that they used to be in the past, the wise mariners always treat ice with respect and observe the basic principles of operation in a safe manner in the areas where sea ice is expected in Winter months. This publication aims to raise the overall awareness and also improve the safety procedures associated with the ice navigation.

The authors of the book have managed to cover a broad range of issues relating to the ice navigation, including different ice and iceberg types, capabilities of your vessel, preparation to the voyage, working with the icebreakers and ensuring safe passage through the ice. This training package is expected to be of some help to the crew members making them aware of the potential dangers that may be met; it will also inform them about the relevant safety measures to be implemented and followed. The content of this volume will be helpful to all crew members of all vessels sailing into the ice-prone zones. Highly recommended to the Masters as well as to the deck and engineering officers of such ships.

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