Navigation by Harold Jacoby

Author(s) Harold Jacoby
Publisher The Macmillan Company
Date 1937
Pages 378
Format pdf
Size 20 Mb







The main content of the present volume has been undertaken with several declared aims. First of all, the author intended to make the publication complete in itself and make it good to be used by the mariners navigating their vessels in the oceans without any other volumes readily available. It was very difficult to compile all information required to be possessed by the navigators in the one book; however, every effort was made to present the info in the max compact form.

From the other side, the author assumed that the readers of the book do have some minimum math and astronomical knowledge. Some of such knowledge will be require to duly understand the content of the book. The arrangement of the material in the volume is more or less standard for the navigation books; however, the approach used by the author differs.

The volume opens with the information on the essential navigation problem, followed with the info on dead reckoning with and without logarithms, the compass and coastal navigation. Then, the author proceeds to the Nautical Almanac, the sextant, different navigation methods. Several appendices supplement the main part of the document, providing some additional information that would definitely be appreciated by the navigators.

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