Navigation James Pryde

Author(s) James Pryde
Publisher W & R Chambers
Date 1867
Pages 490
Format pdf
Size 10 Mb







Have a look into this interesting publication, maybe the oldest of those available today on marine navigation. Written by the professional mathematician more than 150 years ago, the publication retains its usefulness to the students of navigation. As it is quite clear from the title of the volume, the main emphasis has been made on the mathematical basics of navigation.

Though it was originally composed mainly as the textbook for students, the content addresses the matters that would be of great practical interest even for the experiences ship navigators. The problems required by the mariners have been dealt with together with the rules applied when solving those problems. In addition to that, the rules have been provided with the detailed and informative demonstrations and examples for better illustration. Numerous practical exercises have been included.

All of the rules are given in a very concise form for better understanding and the author hoped that the content would be understandable to the students of ordinary talent and possessing some very basic understanding of the subject. The book covers the algebraic and analytical symbols, geography and astronomy, various instruments commonly used in marine navigation, sailing itself including all aspects and techniques, and many other important topics.

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