Navigation by William Hall

Author(s) William Hall
Publisher Dodge Publishing Company
Date 2012
Pages 102
Format pdf
Size 5 Mb







Here is a very rare book, one of those perfectly written textbooks on marine navigation that were used in the past. The book was published more than a century ago, back in 1912. However, the material will still be considered useful to the people willing to understand the theoretical basics of the navigation.

Of course, considering the technological advances that took place since the time of the original release of the volume, it cannot cover most of the modern hi-tech means of navigation. However, as we all know, the essentials of navigation remained unchanged and to this effect the publication can still be used. Moreover, it will be a great one for the people collecting the marine books of the past times.

Note that the content of the publication was officially digitized by Google and the appearance is now next to perfect, making reading much more pleasant. In short, we do recommend this excellent textbook on marine navigation not only to the professional mariners but only to the students who can find useful materials presented in a very original and easy to read manner. This is a definitely must-have publication in the library of every single mariner and you are encouraged to get it.

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