Navigation with a Pilot

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Publisher Marine
Date 2005
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The pilots are considered the critically important resources possessed by the marine navigators in the harbor approaches - they are professional ship handlers with a truly encyclopedic theoretical and practical knowledge of the local ports and harbor areas. Their presence is in many cases officially required by the local law or regulations.

However, they are not formally treated as members of the bridge team; however, again, it shall be understood that they are extremely important specialists. In most cases they remain the advisors to the ship master, who, in turn, are retaining the full responsibility for the safety of the vessel. Note that they have been given full navigational responsibility in Panama Canal and Suez Canal. Pilots are professional navigators and deserve respect and require management. Maintaining the due balance of the above mentioned elements is Captain's responsibility, managing the MPX, standing for the master-pilot exchange.

The main objective of the subject exchange is to inform the pilot about the main dimensions of the vessel, condition of the shipboard machinery and navigational equipment, and provide the pilot with all other relevant information that may be important for the safe planning. This publication will provide the readers with some basic aspects of navigating the vessel with a pilot...

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