Author(s) IMO
Publisher IMO
Date 2012
Pages 53
Format pdf
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The present regulatory publication has been arranged by the authors in fifteen separate chapters. The first chapters will provide required general info on NAVTEX, while the second chapter describes the NAVTEX service itself. In the third chapter the genera features of this system have been introduced. The chapter four is dedicated to proper planning of the associated services.

And the remaining chapters of this volume will be providing all parties involved with the required info on the technical characters that are being used in the NAVTEX messages, identity and format of the messages, language, national broadcasting options, information control, responsibilities of the co-coordinators, notification of the services, message priorities, broadcasting procedures, mutual interferences between the different stations, and best established practices to be used by the people using this service; moreover, there are five annexes at the very end of the volume providing supplementary data.

In short, this official Manual was officially released by the IMO with the intention to describe the structure and operational principles of the NAVTEX, which is defined as an international auto direct printing service used to transmit various warnings/signals and other information to the vessels. This is one of the official IMO publications that is to be possessed on the navigation bridge of any vessel.

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