Nicholls's Concise Guide

Author(s) Charles H. Brown
Publisher Brown, Son & Ferguson
Date 1987
Pages 2013
Format pdf
Size 32 Mb







The Guide presented to your attention today is among the very first all-embracing books on navigation written for the merchant fleet officers. The original release of the first edition took place quite a while ago, at the times where radars were not used at the mariners had to apply the sounding method in order to find the position of their vessels.

Many technological developments took place after that, and in general the crew members of the vessels become much more professional and efficient, and this fact allowed reducing the crews; the ships, in turn, have become much more powerful. There is a strong need for the knowledge and deep understanding of the navigation principles and techniques and of the correct sequence they should be applied in different conditions.

This latest tenth edition of the publication will feature extensive coverage of all important areas of the marine navigation and can therefore be recommended to both students in need for the good technical knowledge and for the professional navigators willing to refresh the essentials. The arrangement of the material in the book is exceptionally user-friendly being the reason why the volume was re-published so many times and become one of the most popular guides available today.

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