Norie's Nautical Tables

Author(s) Capt. A. G. Blance
Publisher Imray Laurie Norie & Wilson
Date 2005
Pages 282
Format pdf
Size 15 Mb







A world famous set of mathematical tables which was initially published more than a century ago and has been  a real bestseller ever since the time of first release. In fact, these tables still remain a fundamental requirement for any person learning the astro-navigation and practicing it, despite all developments if the field of electronic navigation.

Captain Blance, who is the author of the title, has spent a lot of time working on modernization of the tables for the present edition. Some completely new tables have been added while obsolete tables have been deleted in order to fully conform with constantly changing navigation techniques and aiming to improve the accuracy of the calculated position of the vessel plus to reduce the tedium of the these calculations. The volume includes all tables necessary for both deep sea and coastal navigation. The author has applied a simple uniform interpolation method for all tables with trigonometric data.

Note that the volume also includes several tables that are commonly not readily available on the navigation bridge of vessels or ones usually used only in the exam rooms. The author has also completely restructured and significantly updated the section of the book dedicated to the sea ports. All of the ports have been listed geographically in the special order. The index of all addressed sea ports in there at the back of the section.

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