nuclear submarine disasters

Author(s) Christopher Higgins
Publisher Chelsea House Publications
Date 2001
Pages 120
Format pdf
Size 4 Mb







Disasters occurring both at sea and under water have always attracted people's attention serving as a source of fascination and awe. Tales of a great flood nearly wiping out all human life are among humanitys oldest stories - they date back to the second millennium B.C. appearing in cultures everywhere in the world.

As a rule, those ancient disaster tales normally have gods being at the center of the story, and this should not get the reader surprised too much since most of the tales are originating from the times when people were at the mercy of the winds, sun heat, cold weather and natural forces they could neither understand nor withstand.

This publication is devoted to the modern submarine disasters, covering the technical reforms and improvements that eventually grew out of those tragedies. The text is historically accurate and the author have tried to explain how a particular disaster occurred.

Valuable quotes from the eyewitnesses of the catastrophes have also been included. It is good to see and know how the submarines may get into a trouble, because thorough understanding of the reason may help in preventing such disaster from repetition, which is obviously the main aim of the book.

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