Numerical Modelling in Damage Mechanics

Author(s) Khemais Saanouni
Publisher ISTE Publishing Company
Date 2003
Pages 350
Format pdf
Size 13 Mb







The present book contains seventeen selected articles that have been derived from the documents presented in the course of the XVIII Euromech Colloquim dedicated to this problem and held some years ago. Nowadays, the science of damage mechanics is at quite high level of maturity and it is used for the numerous practical applications related to the various techniques of numerical simulation.

There have been many attempts made in building the effective numerical instruments for the simulation of the damage initiation and its further growth in the different mechanical structures under the small/large deformation hypotheses. The main objective of the subject colloquium was to gather the very latest technological developments and advances in the numerical/computational aspects of the damage mechanics, together with the simulation of the current researches and challenged in the field expected in the future. The author of the volume is inviting the readers to perform their own explorations and hopes that all of them will find this volume very interesting, practical, and what is the most important, stimulating further research work in this area.

Among the topics covered there are gradient damage formulation, ductile damage, non-local damage models, modeling of the 3D anisotropic damage, energy dissipation, finite elastoplasticity, ductile rupture, necking phenomenon, aluminum materials, vibration tests and so many other important topics.

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