offshore hydromechanics

Author(s) J. M. J. Journee, W. W. Massie
Publisher Delft University of Technology
Date 2001
Pages 570
Format pdf
Size 9 Mb







The content of this nice textbook presents the successful attempt of its authors to provide all offshore engineers with the comprehensive treatment of the hydromechanics. The text of the volume has initially been prepared for the students who participate in the offshore technology curriculum of the Delft Technological University. The topics covered by the author were selected on the basis of their applicability in the contemporary offshore engineering.

The treatment applied by the author is including the background theoretical information together with the main application to the real life problems. The text of the volume is encompassing the applied hydromechanics for the open sea. We can say that the volume is built on the basis of the information on waves, wind and currents in order for the external forces acting on the different offshore structures, as well as the motions and stability of subject structures to be determined.

The author of the course has made every attempt to keep the notations used in the text standard. The book starts with the introduction providing the definition of the motions and problems of interest covered in the book. The main portion of the document consists of several chapters addressing the hydrostatics, phenomena of the constant potential/real flows, ocean surface waves, dynamics of the rigid body, potential coefficients, seabed boundary effects, survival loads on the tower-type offshore structure, wave forces acting on the slender cylindrical structures, operability and station keeping, etc.

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