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The content of this nice training presentation has been specifically designed to provide all novices in the industry with some basic technical knowledge covering the main features and functions of the vessels commonly participating in the offshore exploration, extraction and production of  oil and gas. Any type of the offshore structure, mobile drilling/production unit or vessel can actually been divided into freely floating objects and ones fixed to the seabed.

All offshore units can usually be fixed to the seafloor by foundations, jack-up legs, anchors. The freely floating units hold their desired position by either manual handling or dynamic positioning systems. The presentation starts with the part dealing with the drilling units - subject facilities are divided into three major types, i.e. jack-ups, semi-submersibles/submersibles and drillships. Jack-up rigs are able to stand still on the seafloor, resting on a number of the supporting legs.

When the legs of the jack-up rigs are not deployed, these rigs may float and this technical feature makes the MODUs of this type suitable for easy transportation from one drilling location to another. Jack-ups commonly provide a very stable platforms for the drilling purposes; however, they can only be installed in relatively shallow water depths...

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