offshore pile design

Author(s) Pierre LeTirant
Publisher ARGEMA
Date 1992
Pages 324
Format pdf
Size 11 Mb







The present publication by Pierre Le Tirant contains the comprehensive guidelines related to the pile design and belongs to the "Design guides for offshore structures" series offering the oil industry the practically useful information that is necessary at all stages of the project, from initial design review and up to the completion.

The book is giving all information required by the project engineers engaged in the design of the offshore piles; subject information is based on a results of the critical and thorough analysis and researches in the field. It provides detailed technical guidelines for each of the design phases and presents the effective current and proposed pile design methods, particularly focusing on the relevant API recommendations and evolution of subject recommendations over past decades.

The content of the document also gives the geotechnical information and data required to satisfactorily carry out the project. The authors do hope that the Guide will satisfy all practical needs of the engineers facing with the different projects and help them with the enhancement of both design and safety of the structures allowing for better, safer and efficient designs.

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