Oil Wars by Mary Kaldor, Terry Lynn Karl and Yahia Said

Author(s) Mary Kaldor, Terry Lynn Karl
Publisher Pluto Press
Date 2007
Pages 403
Format pdf
Size 8 Mb







Nowadays, Iraq is on top of one of the largest proven reserves of the oil in the world, they are on the second position. Iraq possesses the capabilities to process up to the twenty-five percent of the world oil reserves; in fact, it even has the potential for the near future to reach the position of the largest exporter of oil on the planet.

People supporting the war are denying the fact that the military activities in the area were initiated with the ultimate intention to control the oil reserves; however, they assert that subject massive oil reserves are of the top important strategic interest to the West - therefore, it is vitally imporant for the national security to set a friendly political regime in Iraq.

The opponents say that the immense oil reserves of Iraq should be considered a fundamental factor in the onset of was and they are criticising the willingness of some of the Western states to kill Iraqi people and risk the lives of the soldiers trying to secure the access to oil reserves. Today, the oil output in Iraq and oil export have reached the pre-war levels while the oil prices have risen (note that the book was written and released some ten years ago) due to the was and the instability in the region caused by the war...

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