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A nice popular video film prepared and released by a world leading oil company. When your job is drilling for oil, you deal with the numerous kinds of systems, and you are rarely in one place for long. Every time you move to a new location, you take your drilling equipment with you.

There are hundreds tons of machinery and thousands horse power to drive it. The whole process of shutting it all and moving it may take from few days to a couple of weeks…. The video will be interesting to any person from the oil exploration and production industry as it guides you through all steps of the process from preparation to completion. This is a true classics coming in black-and-white. The way in which the information is presented will make the film easy watching even to the people far outside the industry.

Do not consider this video as a training instrument; we would rather treat it as an excellent introduction to the world of oil exploration, drilling and production world and all people who watch the film will definitely find the answers to most of the questions they had. The movie does not deal with the contemporary drilling techniques or any modern equipment involved; it is mainly covering the very fundamentals of the processes.

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