Operating Carbon Dioxide Fire Fighting Systems

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Many ships are fitted with the fixed carbon dioxide fire extinguishing systems and their working principle is flooding the space under fire with the carbon dioxide. For safety reasons, these systems cannot be used in drills. Most seafarers will spend their entire careers without using them and may never become familiar with them. This can lead to ineffective maintenance and worse, it often means when they are needed, they are used incorrectly or their use is delayed.

The result is danger to personnel and damage to the ship. This training video developed by the Videotel will provide you with the necessary instructions and tips related to the maintenance and operation of the shipboard carbon dioxide systems. Make sure you understand your fixed carbon dioxide system and how to use it. Be prepared to use it early in an emergency as there is nothing to be gained by delay. You should only send fire team into the space where the fire is burning if you know that the personnel are inside. Immediately after the operation check if the gas has been released to the correct compartment. You must always wear the breathing apparatus to do this.

The video is an absolute must-watch to all personnel on board vessels fitted with the fixed CO2 fire extinguishing system as subject system is one of the most critical of all. Adequate knowledge of the construction and features of the system may one day save the ship and people on board.

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