Package Limitation

Author(s) Gard AS
Publisher Gard AS
Date 2009
Pages 45
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The information in the present publication has been compiled from the materials previously released by Gard AS. The book starts with The Hague Rules and The Hague-Visby Rules followed by the SDR Protocol 1979 and The Hamburg Rules. The rest of the publication is dedicated to the maps and data tables for Africa, North America, South America, Asia and Europe. The document was compiled and released by the Gard As in 2009.

The publication will be great interest to people directly involved in the activities relating to the marine insurance. The maps are showing the application of the Rules - i.e. Hague Rules, Principles of Hague Rules, Hague-Visby Rules, Principles of Hague-Visby Rules, or Hamburg Rules and Principles of Hamburg Rules in the certain geographical areas. The data tables are arranged in four columns; the first column lists the countries, the second column shows the rule to apply, i.e. Hague/Hague-Visby/Hamburg or their equivalent; the third column provides the date the Rule was enacted; finally, the last column contains the actual package limitation.

For example, for Burkina Faso we will see that the Rules to apply will be Hamburg Rules enacted in November 1992, and the associated package limitation would be SDR 835 per unit/package or 2.5 per kg of the cargo's gross weight, whichever higher...

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