Passage Planning Principles

Author(s) Abdul Khalique, Nadeem Anwar
Publisher Witherby
Date 2006
Pages 71
Format pdf
Size 10 Mb







The present publication is covering all stages that shall be undertaken when preparing a good passage plan for your ship. The authors have explained all steps involves, from appraisal to the monitoring, in a logical and detailed manner. The volume shall be readily available on the bookshelf of all bridge team members regardless of their skills and professional experience, and it shall be referred to at all times.

The authors made every effort to present the relevant techniques very clearly, making the content easily understandable even to the people with not too much of the practical experience, so it is something to start with. Right now, the national and international requirements have been developed and are available for application to the passage planning. However, this volume provides a ready check sheet to be used by the bridge team to ensure that the high competency standards are met.

The document shall be used together with the Passage Planning Practice by the same authors. The fully worked example has also been provided for illustration. The passage planning using the electronic charts is covered in a separate chapter. There is also a glossary explaining the terminology used throughout the text of the publication.

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