Pencil, Paper and Stars

Author(s) Alastair Buchan
Publisher John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Date 2008
Pages 187
Format pdf
Size 14 Mb







Though the electronic systems of marine navigation are commonly considered extremely reliable, it shall always be taken into account that, should they fail while the vessel is at sea, their repair on board will most probably be not possible at all. In addition, they require constant supply of electricity. What if it fails as well, leaving the vessel with no means of finding the position and chart plotting?

Having no means of route planning, how will modern navigators continue their voyage in a safe manner? The present publication has been written in a very reader-friendly manner, providing interested readers, and in the first turn navigators, with a clear and practical yet quite simple to understand description of the navigation techniques which can be utilized in case the electronic navigation systems installed on their yachts fail.

The book will demonstrate how to understand the core principles standing behind the techniques they are using, see those techniques explained with no complicated math required, employ these techniques and put them into practice, i.e. use every opportunity to make the passage safe and seamanlike. The content is pretty well-illustrated presenting a variety of classic marine navigational methods the sailors can use and showing how some simple devices can be made by the voyagers.

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