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The present video addresses one of the most important parts of the safety system on board every ship – the permit to work system. Subject system shall be in place everywhere since it allows to control all shipboard operations and let them be performed in a safe manner. Moreover, having this system in place and properly functioning would ensure proper co-ordination of the different job assignments.

Of course, using the permit to work system is not limited to the ships and offshore installations, the system is used at the shipyards and in fact any place where they do care about human safety. The system implies issuance of the permit to work documents to the persons assigned the task and without that permit no job shall be done. Prior to the issuance of the permit to work, or PTW for short, the safety officer will perform the safety and risk assessment to make sure that the proposed assignment is safe and will not result in any undesired consequences.

Needless to say that having the permit to work system is one of the essential requirements on board; in addition, due attention shall be paid to handling the documentation relating to the assessments and the permits themselves, in accordance with the established safety system.

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