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The present video training program was prepared to encourage crew members to use the PPE, i.e. personal protective equipment, and to use it properly. The authors have tried to stress that the safety is actually a matter of personal responsibility. Each person on board shall use established safe working practices, and one of them includes using the personal protective equipment.

Using defective or inappropriate PPE may eventually result in hazardous situation and in fact is as dangerous as not using any PPE at all. We shall all understand that the PPE is there for the reason - it is intended to save lives and cannot be ignored or undervalued since the consequences can be really tragic. The personal protective items commonly used on board vessels and offshore installations would normally include head protection, i.e. helmets/hard hats, arm and hand protection, ear and eye protection, coveralls protecting the body, respiratory protection, safety harnesses used when working at heights, foot protection - books with steel toe and appropriate isolation etc.

Every single person on board shall be fully aware of the proper usage of all items above and keep their PPE duly maintained, in good order and readily available at all times. The video will show them how to perform periodical checks of PPE and recognize the defects, and what to do if the defect is revealed...

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