Physics of sailing

Author(s) John Kimball
Publisher CRC Press
Date 2010
Pages 277
Format pdf
Size 5 Mb







The present handbook breaks down such complicated concepts of torque, acceleration, fluid mechanics, speed, and surface physics; it provides a very useful and informative introduction to the basics of the sailing science. Apart from that, the book illustrates the various ways physics could be used to understand how a scientific understanding of the boat, water, and wind can lead to better and safer sailing, as well as the basic principles of sailboat propulsion.

The way the present publication has been arranged allows readers to avoid any unnecessary formalisms that could make reading this book boring and, as a result, useless. The author of this book, John Kimball from the University of Albany, New York, United States, applied the fluid mechanics principles to sailboat technology and to the art of sailing. We would advice the readers to spend some of their time with this book. You will see how it helps you become a much more knowledgeable sailor.

There is a sailing terms glossary in this book for ready reference and easier understanding of the contents. At the end of the day, we all understand that there can be no truly safe and effective sailing without proper and thorough understanding of the fundamental principles.

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