Pirates and Privateers

Author(s) Tom Bowling
Publisher Pocket Essentials
Date 2008
Pages 160
Format pdf
Size 1 Mb







This book by Tom Bowling is definitely an absolute treasure for all overs of seafaring history. The author, who is a prominent expert in the field, has provided the impressive coverage of the naval history with the focus on the pirates and privateers. The book will tell you about the famous pirates of the past, starting from those mentioned in the “Treasure Island” by Stevenson and “Captain Blood” by Sabatini to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” we watch today.

We can say that the pirates’ romantic image has been with people for long time. It shall be understood, however, that the real life pirates differ from the ones in the above mentioned books and movies, and for sure not all of them are that charming so do not think of Captain Jack Sparrow as of the representative pirate. In fact the pirates are normally quickly moving outlaws applying their power by means of the mobile forces.

The volume deals with the history of piracy, told in a very lively way and covering the whole historical period from the ancient times to the pirates of today patrolling the shipping lanes that are not very well regulated. Recommended for reading by all people, no background required, only love to the sea and history.

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