Port Management and Operations

Author(s) Professor Patrick M. Alderton
Publisher Informa
Date 2008
Pages 220
Format epub
Size 7 Mb







The aim of this book is to give a presentation of the basic elements of ports, covering their administration, economics, operation and management. As ports are among the oldest forms of transport infrastructure which have remained in continuous use. and have been a vital part in the social and economic growth of regions, it is necessary to consider, at least briefly, the historic development of ports in order to understand many of their facets.

This book is intended to provide a clear picture of the ports industry so that those involved with ports are enabled to see the specific fields of interest and thoroughly understand how the basic models of the port operates within the maritime transport industry. Maritime transport is a rapidly changing industry it is not sufficient to learn one's business by "sitting next to Nellie". The modern transport specialists shall be able to adapt to the ongoing changes in the shipping industry. One of the critical aspects of modem management is the ability to manage change and it is hoped that this book will give an insight as to how port management is coped with changes that took place over the last century.

When Gary Crook of UNCTAD was asked for a suitable title, he suggested "Ports: The misunderstood key to prosperity". Such an approach has become an integral part of most of the professional and academic courses that are concerned with the shipping, marine ports and transport. The structure and content of this book are based on the lectures given to, and the interaction I have had with, students in London and at the WMU in Malmo over the last 25 years...

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