Port Marine Safety Code

Author(s) MCA
Publisher MCA Department for Transport
Date 2016
Pages 38
Format pdf
Size 4 Mb







Another MCA publication setting out a standard governing every aspect of PMS, i.e. port marine safety, and aiming to enhance marine safety for the people using or working in the port environment. The content shall be considered applicable to all harbor authorities and other facilities in the UK.

The present Code, accompanied with the Guide to Good Practice also available at our site, is intended to play a critical instrumental role in achieving and maintaining good safety record in all British ports and harbors, through a pragmatic and reasonably proportionate approach to the established safety standards enabling all people involved to apply the principles stated in it.

All organizations and facilities not being statutory harbor authorities, including marinas, berths and terminals, are highly recommended to seek compliance with the requirements of the Code, adopting their marine SMS and underpinning this with a risk assessment conducted in a formal way.

Note that the Code is supported by the UK government and treated as the efficient and effective was to maintain and promote nationally recognized standards of marine port safety. Covering literally all major aspects of marine port safety, the Code together with the Guide mentioned above, is a must-have volume for all persons involved.

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