Power Electronics Handbook

Author(s) Muhammad Rashid
Publisher Butterworth-Heinemann
Date 2011
Pages 1362
Format pdf
Size 31 Mb







The third edition of the Power Electronics Handbook by Muhammad Rashid. Power electronics of today is a growing area that is using the latest electronics technologies to convert between different forms of electric power; it has so many applications in the human life such as the motor drives, a/c units, power supplies and sources of renewable energy.

The present handbook was intended to address literally all aspects that are relating to the switching devices, control technique, including various analytical methods and their applications. The book was specifically designed to appeal to the new generation of engineering professionals.

The publication includes four chapters dedicated to the renewable energy, energy storage and transmission, DCG, i.e. distributed and cogeneration technology, generating sets, variable speed electric generators, wind turbines, fuel cells etc. The readers of this book, upon its completion, will be able to provide a real leadership in the field of the technical design applied to the various power electronics projects.

It consists of forty-five chapters with the valuable contributions that have been made by the leading experts in the industry. The author has managed to achieve the purpose to provide people with the useful but quite concise reference equally suitable to students and pro's.

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