Powered Watertight Doors

Author(s) Sheila Brownlee
Publisher Videotel
Date 2010
Pages 27
Format pdf
Size 1 Mb







This training booklet is devoted to the powered watertight doors installed on board ships; subject doors are deservedly considered critically important for the safety of the vessel. They are usually very powerful and heavy - should they be used incorrectly, these doors can easily harm and even kill people.

That is why every single person on board the ship must have thorough understanding of the risks that are associated with them; all crew members shall also clearly know how these doors shall be operated to avoid such risks. The powered watertight doors of sliding type are normally fitted in watertight bulkheads subdividing the hull of the passenger, Ro-Ro and other vessels in watertight compartments. They are installed to allow ship crew to move from one such compartment to another and, what is very important, to prevent spreading of the water through the hull in case of flooding.

Should the water ingress in one watertight compartment, the closed door contains it in within that compartment and does not allow to flood further. Long story short, these doors play the critically important role in provision of the watertight integrity of the ship's hull and, consequently, provision of the safety of all people on board. You may use this training video with the booklet.

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