Practical Hydraulics

Author(s) Melvyn Kay
Publisher Taylor & Francis
Date 2008
Pages 266
Format pdf
Size 5 Mb







The hydraulics is commonly considered a complex and sometimes even intimidating discipline. Simply speaking, it is the study of how exactly water and other fluids of similar type behave and how can they get harnessed for the practical use. In fact, hydraulics is one of the very basic scientific and engineering disciplines; this would mean that the professionals are definitely required to possess a serious working knowledge of the fundamental concepts; however, most of the books on hydraulics available today, are mainly aimed at the readers having quite strong mathematical and engineering background.

This book applies completely different approach to this subject, utilizing the very basic principles of hydraulics and also demonstrating how exactly they are applied in practices. The content of this volume has been presented in a remarkably clear manner and the main text is supplemented with numerous live examples and informative illustrations for easier understanding of the theory.

The author appeals to the broad range of students and specialists who need the intro to hydraulics. It should be noted, however, that hydraulics is not something only about the water since there are so many other fluids behaving in quite similar manner and similarly affect quite a wide range of people...

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