Practical Navigation

Author(s) Capt. H. Subramaniam
Publisher Vijaya Publications
Date 2013
Pages 245
Format pdf
Size 5 Mb







The present publication can be used as a supplementary training material for the students of marine navigation. All of the information contained in the pages of this volume have been carefully selected and duly arranged. The book starts with the list or recommended abbreviations and terminology commonly used in the field of navigation. Then, the first section of the main part of the book is dealing with the terrestrial references including equator, geographic poles, meridians, parallels etc.

After that, three chapters come addressing the celestial references, figure drawing for the astronomical calculations and preliminary calculations. The use of the traverse tables has been discussed within a separate chapter and same applies to the Mercator chart. Note that there are numerous exercises included by the author to facilitate good understanding of the subject. The correction of the latitude has been described from both theoretical and practical point of view.

Among the important topics covered by the author there are also chronometer time, theory of astronomical position lines, graphical combination of sights and so many others. There are also worked examples added to the text part of the book.

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