practical ship hydrodynamics

Author(s) Volker Bertram
Publisher Butterworth-Heinemann
Date 2000
Pages 288
Format pdf
Size 2 Mb







This book starts with the five chapters providing readers with the general introduction to the hydrodynamics of the ship's hull. It is assumes that the readers have a solid knowledge of the general fluid dynamics. Though there are numerous books available on the market, it should be underlines that naval architects must concentrate on selected aspects of their field and try to cover the materials exactly suited to their practical needs, and this is a strategy supported by the author of this title.

The first of the chapters gives an introduction to the CFD while the other four chapters are covering the areas of propeller flows, hull resistance and ship propulsion, seakeeping and maneuvering of the ship. This is the recommended sequence of teaching. The aim of these chapters is to find a balance for the practical naval engineers between the facts and minimum of formulas. However,  some formulas are still there included to help people engaged in computations or programming tasks.

People having only practical interest may easily ship these passages. The final two chapters of the book are involving a bit more extensive formula work and are therefore more specialized; they have been reserved mainly for the post-graduates and will assist them in gaining the proper understanding and development of the boundary element codes...

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