pressure vessel handbook

Author(s) Eugene F. Megyesy
Publisher PV Publishing
Date 2001
Pages 499
Format pdf
Size 8 Mb







The present reference book was specifically prepared and released for the ultimate purpose of making various mathematical formulas and technical data, as well as methods of design and construction of the pressure vessels that are available for all involved people, including designers, detailers and all other professionals dealing mainly with the pressure vessels.

Subject specialists often experience serious difficulties when trying to find the required technical data and solutions because subject information is usually scattered throughout different books. The ultimate aim of the author was to bring together all required material in a single volume and present subject info in a form convenient to the end user. The author has also excluded some of the information that is not required or is required very rarely, in order to provide the maximum serviceability and reader-friendliness to the book - such approach affected the special construction methods and seldom occurring loadings.

Please note that the handbook is only dealing with the pressure vessels that are made of the ferrous material by means of welding - in fact, most of the pressure vessels fall under this category. Most of the material contained in the book has been taken from the other relevant works, re-worked and arranged in more convenient way.

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