Principles of Navigation

Author(s) T. K. Joseph, S. S. Rewari
Publisher ARI Research International
Date 2006
Pages 317
Format pdf
Size 16 Mb







The marine navigators of all times and all nations always relied on the stars when navigating their vessels. Thanks to the numerous technical innovations that took place recently, the newer and more and more reliable ways of charting the course of the ships. However, the celestial navigation remains essential and unfailing option. That is why the training of any marine navigators cannot be considered complete without the celestial navigation techniques having been covered in detail.

This volume written by two professional captains will provide the readers with the main underlying technical principles of the celestial navigation in a very accessible way. Note that even the absolute beginners to the world of marine navigation will benefit from the content of the book due to the clear explanations and examples provided by the authors. More than two hundred informative sketches have been included in order to illustrate the text together with the examples.

Numerous problems supplemented with the solutions and comments are there to facilitate better understanding of the theory. It is a really easy and comfortable reading for all students and of course practicing navigators. Fifteen chapters of the publication will provide them with literally all information they need to be aware of to start navigating their vessels.

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