Promoting Maritime Treaty Ratification

Author(s) ISF, ICS
Publisher ISF, ICS
Date 2013
Pages 6
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Very short publication released by ISF and ICS describing the major points of CMI (Comite Maritime International) campaign of promoting maritime treaty ratification. ICS is the association representing all trades and sectors of the shipping industry. In turn, ISF is the international organization for maritime employers. The CMI was established in Antwerp, Belgium more than a century ago, in 1897, and it is an international association of maritime lawyers.

Both ISF and ICS continually emphasize to their respective governments that the international maritime industry of today is seriously dependent on a global regulatory system to operate efficiently. And now, this endeavor is supported by CMI, as well. The three above stated organizations respected and recognized in the world of shipping, will now jointly assist the countries where the ratification of the major Conventions has been limited.

And the main purpose of the present brochure is to reiterate the main reasons standing behind this campaign and also to provide the shipping industry with a good and timely update on the very latest developments that would play a role. It is to highlight the particular Conventions considered by these three organizations as the most important for the governments of the above stated countries to be ratifies as a priority...

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