Pump Characteristics and Applications

Author(s) Michael Volk
Publisher Dekker Mechanical Engineering
Date 2005
Pages 568
Format pdf
Size 30 Mb







A truly excellent reference book that should definitely be considered a must-have publication in any engineer's home library. Michael Volk, who is the author of the volume, has managed to create a well-thought work which is very easy to read and containing the materials very easy to understand even for non-professionals in the field. The amount of the material included in the publication is really tremendous.

We would for sure say that the book could easily serve as a textbook on pumps and their technical characteristics allowing all people to get to the good level of knowledge of pumps in quite organized manner. The author presents clear and understandable descriptions of creating system curves and also of evaluating the pump curves. The book will therefore be helpful in describing the various associated electrical components and also in providing required guidance on how to reduce the pump usage costs. Note that this is one of the most popular and, as per the reviews submitted by the readers, maybe the best volume for all mechanical engineers.

This is the second edition of the book which has been significantly expanded in comparison to the first release; it now includes some completely new chapters added to cover the newly introduced technologies.

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