pump handbook

Author(s) Igor J. Karassik, Joseph P. Messina
Publisher McGraw-Hill
Date 2001
Pages 1765
Format pdf
Size 20 Mb







This handbook is worldwide treated as one of the best available reference sources providing all necessary info related to the pumps and all related components of the associated pumping systems and it has been highly recommended to anyone who requires a really comprehensive resource on pumping arrangements.

The publication is indeed very informative and should definitely be considered a "must-have" volume aimed to all personnel dealing with the operation as well as periodical maintenance of pumps and their systems. It will most probably cover any question or problem that you may face when dealing with the pumps.

This one presents a major and updated revision of the classic pump handbook published some time ago with the ultimate author's intention to provide all interested parties with the practical data and important "know-how" on the pump design, their specification, selection and purchasing, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting, covering virtually all types of pumps.

That is why it is an essential working tool for all mechanical engineers representing many industries. The material presented in the publication is mainly based on the valuable contribution of more seventy industry professionals and recommend it to anyone willing to get or refresh the technical knowledge of the pumps together with the equipment and systems.

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