Pumping Machinery Theory and Practice

Author(s) Hassan M. Badr, Wael H. Ahmed
Publisher Wiley
Date 2015
Pages 392
Format pdf
Size 4.8 Mb







This useful textbook on pumping machinery was prepared to cover both theoretical basics and popular practical applications of various pumping machinery and associated arrangements. The key features of the present publication would include a comprehensive coverage of the relevant technical characteristics of various types of pumps, including axial flow, displacement and centrifugal pumps, considering the performance of the pumping machinery and addressing of the common problems of operational type.

In addition to what is stated above, the book is covering several advanced areas of subject technology, including, for example, both two-phase and three-phase flow pumping systems and multi-phase flow principles. Several different methods of flow rate control and the relevance of those methods to the matters of energy consumption and total efficiency of the machinery have also been touched within this volume.

Each of the chapters contains some informative solved examples taken from real life. It is definitely a truly comprehensive reference source that will be very useful for both practicing engineers and researchers in the subject industry, and also for the students of marine, mechanical and other fields of engineering, owing to the huge amount of technical material that has been included in the volume and the quite easy-to read and understandable manner this material has been arranged by the author.​

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