Q—SHIP VS U—BOAT 1914—18

Q-Ship vs U-Boat 1914-18

Author(s) David Greentree
Publisher Osprey Publishing Ltd.
Date 2014
Pages 82
Format pdf
Size 5 Mb







The book belongs to the famous and popular Duel Series by Osprey; the author, David Greentree, is methodically exploring quite an overlooked topic of the World War One in detail. The narrative text of the publication is covering the different types of merchant vessels used as the armed decoys, together with their commanders, and all results achieved.

The volume includes a very interesting discussion of German underwater boats of the above mentioned historical period, and covers the tactical matters of the U-boats and Q-ships they used when fighting against each other. The content of the volume has been significantly enhanced by an excellent selection of the diagrams, illustrations, geographical maps and photographs. the author is providing the readers with the detailed statistical analysis and very frank assessment of the results of the fight between Q-ships and U-boats; note that the results of that analysis may surprise you.

There is a plenty of interesting technical detail to check, together with the concise biographies of the commanders fighting on either side. The book will definitely give the readers much better understanding of what the German underwater fleet crews had to deal with.

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