Radar-ARPA Video Training

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This is an excellent video training that would be greatly useful to anyone whose work involves operating the navigational radars, i.e. marine navigators, and those dealing with the maintenance and repair of these appliances – all of them must have clear understanding of the construction and working principles of the radars as well as of the applicable regulations and standards to be complied with.

Navigational radars use two bands on the microwave spectrum – the X-band and the S-band. Radars using the short wave length X-band exhibit good angular resolution but are susceptible to the effects of rain and snow resulting in greater attenuation. However, attenuation is minimum with radars working on the longer wave S-band making them less susceptible to interference from rain and snow.

The IMO has revised its performance standard for navigational radars. This new standard applies to all such radars fitted after 01 July 2008. What is known as the radar image is displayed in the center of the screen. Look at the upper left-hand side of the screen; here, information such as the range and scale settings, motion display mode and azimuth display mode are shown. On the low left-hand side of the screen the gain, STC, FTC and traffic mode settings are displayed…

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