Radio and Electronics Cookbook

Author(s) Dr. George Brown
Publisher Newnes
Date 2001
Pages 336
Format pdf
Size 5 Mb







Today, we are all surrounded with the very sophisticated computerized gadgets; however, we still consider it some sort of fascination to put together a few electrical resistors, odd transistor and capacitors in order to build a very simple electronic circuit. Well, it is very surprising how a handful of simple components can function together, and building a circuit yourself brings a true satisfaction which is incalculable.

This publication has initially been intended to provide its readers with numerous electronic and radio projects - some of those projects would take just few minutes but others may take much longer to construct. The author describes some popular and effective construction techniques, again from the simplest to quite complex projects.

The projects presented in this book have originally been published by the Radio Society of Great Britain, and were proven to be quite useful and straightforward, with the emphasis of the authors being made on the practicality. Most of the projects have been backed with mini-tutorials of the components they consist of, and concepts that have been employed in their design and construction. Any reader of this book will enjoy the hours spent reading it and will increase the knowledge of how and why the circuits work...

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