Recognising Suspicious Behaviour

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The maritime world has changed. There was a time when attacks on ships and port facilities were rare events. That is no longer so. But the industry has responded as it had to if it was to reduce the chances of ships being attacked and the lives of the seafarers and port workers being put at risk. In 2002 the IMO brought in the new ISPS Code; it is about preventing hostile acts against ships, crew, ports and port personnel, and it works.

All the evidence shows that the people who intent to commit crime put off if they see that a ship or port security and level of vigilance are good. If they know they have been spotted and that people are prepared to take appropriate action, many criminals will simply abandon their plans and move on. They know that they do not need the undue risks. Sadly, there are enough ships and ports with port security for them to attack instead. So it is vital for your own safety, safety of your work mates, and safety of your ship or port that you learn and understand basic security techniques.

And remember that regular drills in which you can test your knowledge of the security techniques are a great way to practice skills and build confidence. And you shall remember at all times that this knowledge can mean the difference between your ship or port being targeted or not.

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