Reeds Maritime Flag Handbook

Author(s) Miranda Delmar-Morgan
Publisher Bloomsbury
Date 2015
Pages 160
Format pdf
Size 4 Mb







Flags remain in wide use on board every single vessel, regardless of the size and type, when at sea. Note that there is some difference between their use at sea and on land. The material contained in the present book mainly concentrates on the general use of the flag, i.e. the authors cover the flags that are hoisted on shore facility as well as those on the mast of the vessel. Some emphasis has been made on the yachts and relatively small vessels.

The main reason for that is that the conventional merchant fleet and navy vessels would normally be governed by their own regulations. So, this book will be of most practical use and interest for the crew of the smaller vessels, yachts and boats who will find ready, compact and informative reference. This second edition of the handbook has already been well met by the boaters and yachtsmen all around the world and accepted as the perfect reference tool and a must-have publication on board.

Numerous colorful illustrations make reading even more pleasant. You may wish to make a print copy ad keep it on board your ship, boat or yacht – due to the compact size it will be able to have the volume with you, readily available at all times, whenever you may need it.

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