Reeds sextant simplified

Author(s) Dag Pike
Publisher Sheridan House
Date 2003
Pages 104
Format pdf
Size 15 Mb







The sextant has been traditionally treated as one of the critically important navigational tools. The seamen using it properly could determine the correct position line with no reference to any other tool or system. The accuracy of the instrument is sufficient for the safe marine navigation and has been in wide used by many generations of not only seafarers but also airmen.

Even taking into account the existence of the modern electronic navigation systems featuring the ease of use and high accuracy, the use of sextant is still possible and the good understanding of its construction and working principle will be beneficial for all navigators.

The publication will provide necessary knowledge of the sextant, starting with the theoretical basics and then proceeding to the practical instructions on using it; the readers will also find detailed explanations on proper reading and taking sights, adjusting the instruments, and of course handling and taking care of sextant.

The book was written by the professional and experienced Captain Watts and subsequently thoroughly rewritten and updated by Dag Pike, also a very experienced seaman. In short, this is volume will be enormously useful so do not miss a chance.

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