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This is the officially distributed MSC training course... The unit consists of five major sections - the compressor section, condenser section, evaporator section, control box section, and the electronic partflow section. The compressor section includes compressor, discharge valve, suction valve, high pressure switch, pressure regulator valve, stepper suction modulation valve fitted on the new units which replaces the suction modulation valve and the suction solenoid valve for the older ones, quench valve and supply air sensors.

The units are fitted with two supply air sensors - one sensor is needed for recording data while the other one is for controlling cargo temperature. Then there are power cabling and unit identification plate, receiver tank, king valve, filter dryer, condenser section including air cool condenser coil, condenser fan grill, fan and motor. The condenser fan causes the air to be drawn from the bottom of the condenser coil and to be discharged through the condenser fan grill.

The evaporator section includes access panels, heaters, fresh air vents; the purpose of fresh air vents is to provide ventilation for commodities that require fresh air circulation. The vent must be closed when transporting frozen cargoes. To adjust the percentage of air flow, loosen the nut and rotate the disk to the desired percentage of air flow...

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