Refrigeration for Pleasureboats

Author(s) Nigel Calder
Publisher International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press
Date 1991
Pages 192
Format pdf
Size 26 Mb







The publication is dealing with the refrigeration installations on board modern boats. The world famous Nigel Calder explains how the amenities of the efficient refrigeration installation can be acquired by the sailors. It is very important to properly balance the high cooling capacity of the refrigeration system with the lowest consumption of the energy.

The author describes the working principles of every component of the system in a clear and logical manner. You will get to know how to keep the system in working order and use if at the highest level of efficiency and economy. Also, you will be prepared to deal with the maintenance and minor repairs of the systems. Since the subject systems are normally very expensive, careful attention shall be paid to their operation and maintenance.

Here, the readers will find all the information they need in order to design and subsequently build a custom refrigeration installation costing significantly less than any off-shelf one. Following the tips given by the author, the boat owners will be enabled to keep the installation running efficiently for years and will avoid wasting their money for the installation, maintenance and troubleshooting.

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